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Matt Cards

The Matt Card is the alternative to swapping the EFI ROM chip on your motherboard. It plugs into a tiny connector on the motherboard. As long as the Matt Card is plugged in (it has to stay plugged in...) the ROM on the Matt Card will be the one that is used. Using the Matt Card is simple. Turn off the Mac, plug in the card, turn on the Mac. Just make sure you order for exactly the right model of Mac! The wrong model will never work.

The letters or numbers after the motherboard number are the revision level of the motherboard. If you have a 820-00281-A then ''A' is the revision level. The revision has no influence on the Matt card. If you have the correct emc-number then the motherboard number will also be correct (no need to check both).

We have many kinds to cater for all models of MacBook Pro retina and MacBook Air and some models Mac mini.

Price is 65 Euro single piece including shipping world wide. We ship everything registered (signed for) and priority. Tracking is available on all our shipments.

MacBook A1534 12-inch 'retina'

MacBook 12-inch 'retina' Model A1534 emc2746 (Early 2015) Motherboard 820-00045 MacBook8,1

MacBook 12-inch 'retina' Model A1534 emc2991 (Early 2016) Motherboard 820-00244 MacBook9,1

MacBook 12-inch 'retina' Model A1534 emc3099 (Mid 2017) Motherboard 820-00687 MacBook10,1

Make sure you order for exactly the right model of Mac!

The wrong model will never work.