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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

Battery Port Tester

The CMIzapper Battery Port Tester (Listener) is a testing tool that plugs into the battery connector of the Mac Motherboard.

It has lots of LEDs indicating if the charging circuit is working.

LEDs for:

Charging - Shows if the Mac it trying to charge the battery

SMC - Shows if the SMC is alive and running

ISL - Shows if as ISL6258 or ISL6259 is alive and running

BIL - Shows if the BIL is seen and it will blink the LEDs on the BIL if present

I2C - Will indicate if there is a problem (short etc.) on the I2C bus

ACOK - (SMC_BC_ACOK) Is the ISL happy about the voltage coming from te Charger?

It can also be connected to the Medusa in Listener mode. The display of the Medusa will show even more information.

Charging voltage supplied by the Mac

System Detect resistor R6950. This resistor in the Mac tells the battery to talk to the Mac.


Coming soon...

Different Macs will need different versions of this board.

Only the macBook Air 13-inch version can be ordered at the moment.

Batter Port Tester for:

MacBook Air 13-inch A1369/A1466

Price 75 euro (free shipping)

Batter Port Tester for:

MacBook Pro 13-inch 2011 style

Price 75 euro (Coming in about 2 weeks)

Batter Port Tester for:

MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina

Price 75 euro (Coming in about 3 weeks A4596)