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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

CMIzapper Euryale

The Euryale is our line of tools to unlock the EFI ROM. The tool you need when you forgot your EFI PIN and locked yourself out of your Mac.

Supports the MacBook Pro 2011 and 2012 models only.

It is incredibly easy to use. The built in LEDs will show you what is going on.

1) Take the motherboard out of the Mac. (In case of the 17-Inch model you can leave it in)

2) Clip the Euryale onto the ROM chip with the supplied Pomona clip.

3) Connect the (loose) motherboard to power using the MagSafe adapter.

4) The Euryale will do it's thing. The LEDs and a bleep will conform that it worked.

5) Return the motherboard into the Mac.

Euryale for MacBook Pro 2011 and 2012 (13/15/17-Inch)

Quantity one (1) unlimited use

Including shipping (world wide)

100 EURO.