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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

Keyboard Breakout

The Chipmunk Keyboard Breakout is a small tool that makes the life of the repair technician a little bit easier.

This little board allows you to access the connections on the standard 30 pin flex cable that Apple uses for the keyboards in the various models of MacBook.

For example a use would be to see if the power button on a used keyboard is working, before you spend a lot of time to build said keyboard into a MacBook, only to find out that the power button is bad...

WARNING: If you do not understand what a 'breakout board' is then please do not buy it. This is NOT a tool that magically tests your keyboard and it is NOT meant to be built into a Mac. I know it is pathetic to put this notice here but I have discovered that there are idiots out there that make this necessary.


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The Chipmunk Keyboard Breakout costs 40 EURO including shipping world wide.