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SMC Reset Tool

The SMC Reset Board is a small tool that makes the life of the repair technician a little bit easier.

There are two functions implemented on this tiny board. The first is that it allows you to generate an SMC Reset by pressing the button. This makes it easier to do than by pressing a million keys during power-on, especially when you are working on a loose mother board with no keyboard attached, and it is a lot safer than shorting the SMC_RESET line out to GND with your tweezers. The second function is that it will display the status of PP3V42_G2H (with a red LED) and PP5V_S0 (with a blue LED). This enabled you to see in an instant if the board is in the S0 state and, very important, if the board is powered. This elliminates the risk of accidentally soldering on a board while forgetting to disconnect the power, or the reverse, trying to measure signals without actually powering the board.

There are two versions available. One with a 30-pin Hirose connector and one with the 12-pin connector as featured on the 2015 and later models.

30-pin version for boards: 820-3208, 820-3209, 820-3435, 820-3437, 820-3462, 820-3476, 820-3536, 820-3662, 820-3787

12-pin version for boards: 820-4924, 820-00164, 820-00165

WARNING: Resetting the SMC has nothing to do with unlocking a Mac.!!!!

The LPC+SPI Connector on a 820-3437-B MacBook Air logic board.

The SMC Reset Tool plugged in on a 820-3437-B MacBook Air logic board.

30-pin SMC Reset Tool (One piece 35 euro.)

12-pin SMC Reset Tool (One piece 35 euro.)