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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

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MagSafe Tester

The CMIzapper MagSafe Tester is a small tool for the repair workshop. It is especially useful to show the customer that their crappy charger is in fact a crappy charger...

You can connect a MagSafe (1 or 2) power adapter to this tool.

This tester will show you if it is a real Apple or a fake Chinese adapter!

It will also show the output voltage both with and without load. A decent (read Apple) adapter will have a no-load output voltage of about 6 volts or less and will only turn on the full voltage of about 18 volts once it 'smells' that it is connected to a MacBook.


Reads data from the chip in the charger (actually in the MagSafe plug) and displays if the charger claims to be from Apple or not.

Shows the (claimed) power supplied by the charger (45W, 60W or 85W).

Shows the output voltage under load (normally around 18 volts).

Shows the output voltage without load. In the case of a decent charger this voltage will be 6 volts or less. This is where a good charger will show itself and this is also the reason why Chinese crappy chargers might kill your Mac and why a good charger is MUCH safer.

Alerts you to a short between the output voltage and the (One-Wire) data line. Charging voltage on the One-Wire line is a common cause of killed Macs...

You can choose between English and Spanish text.

The Magsafe Tester takes it's own power through a USB-mini port on the left side. A USB cable is included with the product.

To learn more about the Apple charger on the inside:


MagSafe Tester NORMAL version

Supports MagSafe-1 and MagSafe-2.

Price includes shipping and (short red) USB cable.

Quantity: 1 (100 Euro)

MagSafe Tester DELUXE version

Supports MagSafe-1 and MagSafe-2. Includes a red and green LED that indicate if the charger is real (Apple) or fake.

Does everything that the normal version does but has an extra ports for attaching MacBook unibody DC-in boards.

Price includes shipping and (short red) USB cable.

Quantity: 1 (120 Euro)