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iMac 27-Inch Hinge Repair (2012 - 2019)

If you are an iMac user (Apple iMac Desktop 2012/2019), you may have heard of these hinges breaking. When the clutch breaks, the perfectly balanced body of the iMac will tilt down  No longer supporting the screen in place. As this is quite a common problem, some faults can be caused by excessive force, but this hinge issue is a complete design flaw.

This (one) metal bit replaces the two plastic spring retaining clips in the hinge mechanism of the iMac. Please refer to the Youtube move made by the creator of the piece showing how it mounts. You do have to take the Mac apart entirely so this is only meant to be used by people who are comfortable doing that. If you have never opened one of these glued-shut Macs then do not do this yourself, but get a knowledgable technician to so it for you.

Please remember that these 'thin edged' Macs are glued shut with special double-sided tape. You will need a set of this tape to stick the LCD back in place afterwards. The tape is not sold by us (sorry). Buy the tape from a reputable seller. The ones sold on AliExpress are crap.

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For mounting instruction see the Youtube movie above.

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