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ROM Solder Board

The A4595 Chipmunk Multi ROM Solder Board is a small board that allows you to stick all kind of common ROM chips into a regular ROM programmer.

Solder the ROM onto the appropriate location of the Solder Board. Pop the Solder Board into the ZIF socket of your programmer.

There are two locations for mounting the 2x4 header pins. Choose the correct location to solder the header pins into depending on the orientation that the ROM has to go into the ZIF socket for your programmer. (In some programmers pin 1 is near the lever of the ZIF socket, in others it is the other way round...)

The USON/WSON solder spaces have no central ground pad to make the soldering easier.


Quantity 1:

20 Euro

Quantity 2:

30 Euro

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35 Euro

Quantity 5:

42 Euro

Mounting hole:

Hang it on your keychain, or on a nail in the wall...

Add Pull-up or Decoupling

You can add pull-up resistors for Hold or Write Protect


Here you can solder the crazy little BGA ROMs that Apple uses in the A1534.

WSON/USON 2x3 mm:

Here you can solder the tiny ROMs that Apple uses for Thunderbolt and the T2 chip.

WSON/USON 6x8 mm:

For ROM chips the size as used in the 820-3437.

WSON/USON 5x6 mm:

For ROM chips the size as used in the 820-00165.

Medusa Connector:

Solder a JST plug to connect to your Medusa.