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Chipmunk Easy Flash Set

The Chipmunk Easy Flash is a set of tools that enable you to flash the on-board EFI-ROM (BIOS).

This board plugs into the J6100 connector of the motherboard of a MacBook. It comes with a cable that connects to a DIL-8 header on the other side for easy connection to your programmer. On the Mac side it comes with 3 adapters to cater for all models of MacBook air and MacBook Retina (including the 2015 and 2016 models!)

With two LEDs it shows power and activity. This way you see what is gong on and you are alerted to the fact that the board is being powered when you're expecting it not to be.

Please remember that there is more to reading and writing the EFI-ROM than just connecting the Easy Flash. You have to make sure the ROM chip is powered. In general you can not power the ROM chip by feeding 3v3 down the connector the Easy Flash plugs into. If, on the other hand, you power up the Mac it will try to talk to the ROM chip you are also trying to talk to... Depending on the speed of the programmer you are using you might have to use shorter cables and use proper termination.

Consists of:

30-pin Molex connector Mac adapter board (A4056) Blue for old-style (MacBook air 2011 and before)

30-pin Hirose connector Mac adapter board (A4052) Green for newer style (MacBook air 2012-2014 and MacBook retina till 2014)

12-pin Hirose connector Mac adapter board (A4040) Red (MacBook air 2015 and MacBook retina 2015 and later and also MacBook A1534)

Cable from Mac adapter board to 8 wires with female ends (for connecting to anything you want).

DIL-8 header board (A4043) plus cable to connect to Mac adapter board (for connecting to ZIP socket in programmer).


The Chipmunk Easy Flash costs 149 EURO including shipping world wide. We ship everything registered (signed for) and priority. Tracking is available on all our shipments.